The farm where community comes first.

The Chrysalis farm year is complete. The Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center is completely transformed.

Help us to emerge in the web-based education field as a premiere provider of online learning content featuring Biodynamic practices built on the foundation of Anthroposophy and offering a path for personal development through the practical activities of everyday life.

There’s a world wide world out there.

And we have a lot to share with it. The Community Farm of Ann Arbor has 30 years of experience as a working Biodynamic farm and a pioneer of the CSA model, not to mention our demonstration of goodwill in the economic sphere and self-governance through consensus decision making of the full membership. Our members connect deeply to the farm itself through on-site food distribution and member participation workdays. As a community, we connect deeply with one another in the spirit of service and generosity by offering a sliding scale for membership dues and by celebrating the cycle of the year together in festivals. Our land hosts native plants and wildlife habitat and is preserved for agricultural use into perpetuity through a land trust. We harvest solar power, including the development and fabrication of a solar powered tractor, and our practices yield clean air, water and healthy carbon cycling between soil and plant life. Our animals are cared for with compassion and engage in natural instinctive behaviors for a low-stress life. We’ve hosted on-farm workshops and school trips. Our members support the farm activity and farmers’ livelihoods, but we want to connect with a larger community. Our hope now is to open up new vistas by creating online educational content and distributing it worldwide. We only need you to help.

Give if you will.

Chrysalis Biodynamic Agricultural Learning Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are deductible. Any amount you can give is significant.

$10 helps to plant a seed thought; $100 keeps it well cared for as it takes form; $1,000 reproduces the thought form and offers it to humanity as a whole; $10,000 unites agricultural artists with each other and supports research for the progressive development of humankind and the earth.

We like sharing.

We’re an active bunch on the farm and we want to keep you engaged with emerging educational offerings and new farm initiatives. Add yourself to our email list and tell your friends.

We want to connect with you.

All inquiries welcome.

All things grow with love.

We’re on the web, if you are too…

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